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Combine more than 3 rotations (Quaternions)

I have a 3D point and the x,y,z rotations (qInitial) for that point. I want to rotate that point more (by some degrees that could be 0 up to 360) around y axis (qYextra). How can I calculate the final Euler rotation (qResult.eulerAngles) that is a combination of these 4 rotations (x-y-z-y)?

I have tried calculating the initial quaternion rotation, and the extra rotation to be applied. And then multiply these two quaternions. However, I get weird results (probably gimbal lock).

Code in C#. Unity.

1.Quaternion qX = Quaternion.AngleAxis(rotationFromBvh.x,Vector3.right);

2.Quaternion qY = Quaternion.AngleAxis(rotationFromBvh.y,Vector3.up);

3.Quaternion qZ = Quaternion.AngleAxis(rotationFromBvh.z,Vector3.forward);

4.Quaternion qYextra = Quaternion.AngleAxis(angle,Vector3.up);

Quaternion qInitial = qY * qX * qZ; // Yes. This is the correct order.

qY*qX*qZ has exactly the same Euler x,y,z results as Quaternion.Euler(rotationFromBvh)

Quaternion qResult = qInitial * qYextra;

return qResult.eulerAngles;

I can confirm that the code works fine (no gimbal lock) when 4th rotation is 0 degrees (qYextra = identity). Meaning that qInitial is correct. So, the error might be due to the combination of those 2 rotations (qInitial and qYextra) OR due to the convertion from Quaternion to Euler.

EXAMPLE: (qYextra angle is 120 degrees)


qInitial gives these results: applying_qInitial_rotation

qResult gives these results: applying_qResult_rotation


The expected results should be like qInitial but rotated 120 degrees around y.

Any suggestions? I haven't yet found a solution, and probably I won't.

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