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how to implements change “int” value when using the extension method in c#

Recently, I met a problem that how to change "int" value when using the extension method, don't allow use keyword "ref" or "out":

static void Main(string[] args)
     var a = 5;
     var b = 6;
     Console.WriteLine("a={0},b={1}", a, b);

I want to implement the Swap method(exchange variable a and variable b) and final output like this:

a = 6,b = 5

Swap method needs to exchange variable a and variable b, The issue is assigned by my teacher.

My answer is :

unsafe static void Swap(this int a, int b)
      int* pb = &b;
      pb += 7;
      int* pa = &a;
      pa += 8;
      int temp = *pa;
      *pa = *pb;
      *pb = temp;

But my teacher said it not good enough. Because the 7 and 8 will be affected by the C# compiler.

I really didn't know how to implements Swap method. I think the integer will be passed by value when passing into Swap, and can't change it unless finding out its original address.

Did I misunderstand something? Your thought would be appreciated.