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sqlplus adding column heading

I'm using sqlplus from oracle and trying to figure out the way to create a customer list and categorize them based on the following criteria: if the # of Account is 1 then categorize them as "Entry Level" if the # of Account is 2-3 then categorize them as "Growing" if the # of Account is more than 4 then categorize them as "Mature" then creating a expected output (which I have attached as an image). expected output I also have attached ERD for this.

This is what I have so far.

select distinct first_name "First", surname "Last", customer_number "Cust #", account_type "# of Accts" from (select first_name, surname, customer_number, account_type from wgb_customer Join wgb_account Using (customer_number) Join wgb_account_type Using (account_type) order by account_type);

please help! This is expected output!

First Last Cust# # of Accts Level

Peter Chen 2566217 3 Grwoing

Byron Griffith 1113004 1 Entry Level

Patricia Lee 9871332 1 Entry Level

Henri Poincare 1113501 3 Grwoing

John Synge 1112401 2 Grwoing