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Is there a way to make a query with an importrange to mimic a sumif formula from another google sheet?

I am encountering a capacity issue with one of my spreadsheets but certain information in the sheet still need to be available to cross-reference. The original spreadsheet contains this formula:


I tried to do a direct transfer to the new spreadsheet by adding importranges like this:


The equation keeps putting out an error saying "argument must be a range". Then I tried to write it out as a query like this:


But the equation is showing FALSE as the result when it should say TRUE. I have attached an example spreadsheet so that these equations make more sense.

I also need the equation to take into account any new information that is placed on the new spreadsheet while also comparing it with the old info. I tried doing this to start with but then slowly realized the initial equation itself doesn't work.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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