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Invalid opcode when performing 8042 reset in qemu

I have a x64 higher half os, and one of its functions is to reboot when its told to. The reboot funcion consist of these steps:

  • 1: Try to perform an acpi reboot
  • 2: If acpi reboot failed, try to do an 8042 reset
  • 3: If 8042 reboot failed, try to do it through the CMOS ports; Not expected to work, i've been considering to erase it from a long time.
  • 4: If the last one didn't work, print a message advicing that the OS couldn't reboot, and halt the system.

This works as expected on bochs and virtualbox but in qemu it has a different behaviour. Booting without any debug option leads to a halt of the system(that what its seen; its not actually that, explained later on) and ISR Handler is not even called. Now, when you use qemu with debug '-d int', you can see that after trying to reboot, qemu throws exception 0x6 (invalid opcode), then a #GPF is raised. After that, i would say that my isr handler would finally be called and dump all the registers, but instead of that, exception 0x8 (double fault) is called, and now, the systems enters in a infinite loop, which is strange since my isr handler is coded to halt the machine after dumping all the registers(which says to me that my isr handler never got actually called, or got midway through when double fault handler got called). I would have been done with that, but it wasn't enough information, so i launched qemu with '-d in_asm,cpu,int' instead of just '-d int'. Now i know (in a very very vague way) the instruction which starts this crazy behaviour. when i do outportb(0x64, 0xFE) so i actually reset the computer/emulator, it (somehow) makes a ljump to address F000:E05B (note; this is at address 0xFFFFFFF0, so i expect some strange things between the last two instructions). AFAIK The adress the code is jumping is the address of the first instruction in the bios after a reboot, or is at least part of the bios. After this, some things done by bios and... garbage. Lots of garbage. i tried to put the dump into a text file, and i got over 170k lines, full of add %al, (%eax), and add %al, (%bx, %si).

So far, I can't say I have tried a lot of things, mostly because I don'tt know where to start. But what I did think of which didn't work was:

  • Disable ACPI (or never enable it in first place)
  • "Maybe there's a problem with some optimization, or disassembly code generated by gcc". No there wasnt any problem with this, even more obvious if you see that the only place that the OS doesn't work is on qemu

EDIT: I didnt notice that i didnt put a minimal reproducible example, thanks Peter Cordes

The code that i use for rebooting is the following:

uint8 check = 0;
    check = inportb(0x64); //Empty user data
    if(check & 1) // Output Buffer Status; Must be clear to read from port 0x60
        inportb(0x60) //Clear Kbd buffer;
} while (check & 2); //Input buffer status; Must be clear before attempting to write data to IO port 0x60 or IO port 0x64

The whole OS is at This link