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Pug span not rendering properly in a flex div

I'm using span tags to set different colors for words in a line:


display: flex; 
column wrap; 
justify-content: center; 
align-items: center; 
align-content: center; 
width: 100%; 
grid-row-start: 1;  }

Pug is not rendering on one single line but puts 3 breaks:

div#some-panel <span id="abs">Text |</span><span style="color:#b7bdc9;"> of another</span><span style="color:#ca6782;"> color</span>

I've also tried:

div#some-panel #[span text | ] #[span(style="color:#b7bdc9;") of another] #[span(style="color:#ca6782;") color]

but no luck. If I delete all the flex part in my CSS, pug renders the single line correctly but I don't have a flexible div :). What am I missing? Thanks

Edit: I found a solution to this specific case (3 words in a row) changing the css:

flex-flow: column wrap;


flex-flow: row wrap;

but if you have some chapter with a lot of text and you need the typical flex behavior, pug is breaking rows at every span... Bho.