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Multilingual WPF Project using .resx resource in XAML

I'm working on a multilingual WPF project using .resx files, I created two files Resources.resx for English language and Resources.ar-LY.resx for Arabic language, I added to both a string resource named SampleText that has different value.

In my XAML window, I assign the resource value to Text property of the TextBlock as following:

<TextBlock x:Name="txbSampleText" Text="{x:Static p:Resources.SampleText}"/>

Then .. I changed the application culture to Arabic using the following line:

Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new CultureInfo("ar-LY");

The Problem: The project culture changed but the Textblock always gets the value from Resources.resx,

I found THIS solution but the solution uses code behind instead of XAML, You can download a test application that contain the issue from HERE

Any help please