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How to bake in the Databases from SQL server to C#

I'm very very new to the SQL server, and I have written a program in Visual Studio using C# that uses a table from a database that I have created using SQL Server Management Studio. But if I try to run my program on another device, it either asks for a version of the SQL server to be installed or it fails to connect to the server because I used the local option to create the said database and therefore, the other device doesn't have the permission to connect to it.

I have read somewhere that I should use in-memory databases so that other devices can run this program without connecting to me or needing the SQL server to be installed? Can I store the database somewhere in the project and tell my program to seek it and load it?

TLDR; how to use the features of SQL server like database and tables while offline and without the need to connect to any server or even the need to install SQL server itself if possible.

And sorry for my bad English!

Edit : Ok, Thanks to Christoph L├╝tjen, I've kinda found my answer, what I should do is to not use SQL Server at all especially because I'm a newbie. If there's another person who has the same question and is reading this, you can use SQLite to do this stuff and I think this video ( https://youtu.be/ayp3tHEkRc0 ) explains it good enough. You can download the required program here : sqlitebrowser.org/dl/

Maybe I should keep this open in case someone can answer how to do it with SQL Server and not with SQLite? or should I close it?