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Why not use an already existing tool for the job?

  • SQL*Loader (Built ~40 years ago)
  • External Table (Manipulate a file as a table)
  • csv2db (rather new tool, supports multiple RDBMS)
  • Elasticsearch Logstash (awesome tool)

csv2db demo

$echo 'drop user csvdata cascade;' | sqlplus -S system/oracle@localhost:1521/XEPDB1

User dropped.

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$sqlplus -S system/oracle@localhost:1521/XEPDB1 <<EOF
create user csvdata identified by load default tablespace USERS temporary tablespace TEMP quota unlimited on USERS;
grant create session, resource to csvdata;

User created.

Elapsed: 00:00:00.06

Grant succeeded.

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# https://github.com/csv2db/csv2db
$csv2db generate --file=movies.csv --table=MOVIES | sed 's/1000/4000/' \
| sqlplus -S csvdata/load@localhost:1521/XEPDB1

Table created.

Elapsed: 00:00:00.02
$time csv2db load --user=csvdata --password=load --host=localhost --port=1521 --dbname=XEPDB1 \
       --separator=',' --table=MOVIES --directpath \

Loading file movies.csv
File loaded.

real    0m3.193s
user    0m1.201s
sys     0m0.422s

$echo 'select count(*) from movies;' | sqlplus -S csvdata/load@localhost:1521/XEPDB1


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Best of luck!