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C Levenshtein program works only with txt and pdf file

I'm writing a project that has the task of calculating the Edit distance between two input files. The goal is to compare any type of file. The problem comes when I go to run and this is the result.


filedistance distance pdf1.pdf pdf2.pdf


filedistance distance sample.jpg sample2.jpg


filedistance distance file1.txt file2.txt EDIT DISTANCE: 11

With a .txt file or a .pdf file it works fine. It doesn't work with a file other than these. Obviously the compared files are different, so it is impossible that b.jpg has a distance from c.jpg equal to 0

This is my solution, but I don't see any problem.

I'm going to read the files as binary files, in this way I shouldn't have any problem for any extension.

int levenshtein_distance(char *file1, char *file2){
  char *str1 = getString(file1);
  char *str2 = getString(file2);
  int n = (int)strlen(str1) + 1;
  int m = (int)strlen(str2) + 1;
  if (n == 0)
      return m;
  if (m == 0)
      return n;
  int **matrix = matGenerate(str1, n, str2, m);
  int distance = matrix[n - 1][m - 1];
  deallocateMat(n, matrix);
  return distance;

char *getString(char *file){
  FILE *inputFile = fopen(file, "rb");
  if (inputFile == NULL){
    perror("Could not open file");
  fseek(inputFile, 0L, SEEK_END);
  long sizeFile = ftell(inputFile);
  char *string = calloc(1, sizeFile);
  if (string != NULL){
      fread(string, sizeFile, 1, inputFile);
  return string;

Methods like matGenerate and deallocateMat are used to fill and empty the array. If requested, I can attach them.

I can't understand why it doesn't work with files other than pdf and txt. Can you help me?