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How to detect Video does not exist state from url in AVPlayer iOS

I am playing videos from urls in AVPlayer. It is working fine. But, Few videos keep loading but not player, I checked them in browser and they are showing Video does not exist.

So, How to detect that video does not exist state and how to show alert for end user understands.

override func viewDidLoad() {

  func playVideo(){
        if let str = videoUrl{
            if let videoURL:URL = URL(string: str) {
                player = AVPlayer(url: videoURL)
                player?.rate = 1 //auto play
                let playerFrame = CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 200, height: 210)
                let playerViewController = AVPlayerViewController()
                playerViewController.delegate = self
                playerViewController.player = player
                playerViewController.view.frame = playerFrame
                playerViewController.showsPlaybackControls = true

 func setupAVAudioSession(){
        do {
            try AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().setCategory(.playback, mode: .default, options: [])
        catch {
            print("Setting category to AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback failed.")

func playerViewController(_ playerViewController: AVPlayerViewController, willBeginFullScreenPresentationWithAnimationCoordinator coordinator: UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinator){

func playerViewController(_ playerViewController: AVPlayerViewController, willEndFullScreenPresentationWithAnimationCoordinator coordinator: UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinator){
    playerViewController.dismiss(animated: true)

Any suggestions?

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