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Why does the while loop keeps looping even when the object reference value changed and the break statement should execute?

It isn't exactly a Stopwatch, rather stop calculating program gone wrong, :)

some weird things that happen when I run this script in the console:

  • when I run sw.stop(), it works
  • when I run sw.resetit(), it works
  • sw.duration() also works
  • when I run sw.start() maybe it starts the calculations but after that when run any other commands the console doesn't take any input or respond, I have to pause the script from running from the source dev tools and then it shows the output of other commands if I had entered any after it stopped responding. But after entering sw.start(), the console doesn't respond.
  • Anyways, is there any way, by which I could write another method, that somehow stops the start() method.
  • In other words could I write a function and then call it from a method to start and then stop it from another method.
function StopWatch(){
    let current = {t:0};
    let running = {value:false};

    //this function doesn't stop somehow
    const timmy = () => {while(true){
        current.t += 0.01;
//this block never runs??
    this.start = function(){
        if(running.value === true){
            throw new Error('It is already running');
        } else {
            running.value = true;
            //timer will go here
    //stop doesn't seem to work
    this.stop = function(){
        if(running.value === false){
            throw new Error(`It's is not running.`);
        else {
            running.value = false;
            //i hope this works
    this.resetit = function(){
        if(current.t === 0){
            throw new Error(`It's all ready reset`);
            current.t = 0;
    this.duration = function() {
        return `${current.t}s`;
const sw = new StopWatch();

some questions you don't have to answer:

could I write a function and then call it from a method to start and then stop it from another method.

How to stop a function which loops by calling another function, which changes the value of an object or variable, which if set to 'false' will then stop the function that loops because the function is looping on the object or variables value which is true or false? it is even possible??