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Retrieve relevant record in single query

mysql sample table

I've a set of tables like above (simplified version). Currently my laravel based website will display all tasks to staff where each staff will see 5 different tasks. Each staff can applied for any task (if the task is still active). For non active task, a staff can still see the task in the task listing but they cannot apply it. Admin can set the task to in-active at any time and based on certain criteria.

Right now, what I want to do is to limit the list of task displayed, where any in-active task will not be shown to the staff UNLESS he/she already applied the task BEFORE the admin set the task to in-active.

For example: task_id 3 and task_id 5 are currently not active. In this scenario task_id 3 will not be displayed to all staff. But for task_id 5, there are 2 staff (staff_id 100 and staff_id 102) who has applied it before the task was set to not active. So task_id 5 will still be displayed to those 2 staff but not to staff_id 101 who never applied for the task.

So for staff_id 100 and staff_id 102, they will see 4 tasks while staff_id 101 will only see 3 tasks.

Currently my solution is as below:

$current_staff = ....

$tasks = Task::select('task.task_id','task.task_name','is_active','job.job_id')
->leftJoin('job', function($join) use ($current_staff){
    $join->on( 'job.task_id', '=', 'task.task_id')
    ->where(function($query) {
        return $query->whereNotNull('task_applied_by');})

$count = 1;
foreach($tasks as $key => $task){
    if($task->is_active === 'N' && $task->job_id == null){


$tasks = $this->customPaginate($tasks);

Since the task table will keep growing with new tasks (thousands, maybe millions), I'm not sure if the above solutions can process the records or not and how long to process it. Is it possible retrieve the required records with query only?

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