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Android 10 enable WiFi and connect to specific one [SOLVED]

I'm trying to connect Android 10 to WiFi.

I tried WifiNetworkSuggestion, WifiNetworkSpecifier, NetworkCallback... And it is anoying because you have to wait for some kind of operative system notification, and in some cases it takes so long or it does not show up and you never connect to it. See image:

Android network suggestion notification

So I decided to see how WiFi apps are dealing with Android 10 deprecated Apis. I found out some. And they show me this panel when trying to enable WiFi.

Enable wifi panel

Yes, this panel shows up when executing wifiManager.setWifiEnable(true) or (false) but, this method is deprecated in API 29, and I am using a phone with API 29 (Android 10, Q). How can I trigger this panel though? Maybe some intents? I tried:


It shows this. See image:


But it is not what I'm looking for. So I been looking for days a better way to connect to WiFi without WifiNetworkSuggestion, WifiNetworkSpecifier, NetworkCallback in Android 10. I will show you an app that connects to WiFi instantly without any of WifiNetwork classes of above. See video

Video how Android 10 connects with one panel