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Reading Items inside of an array in an array C++

I have a very quick question...

I'm using nlohmann's json library.

My issue is that when I go to print a element, the program stops responding.

My json file

  "Consoleprinting": false,
  "Input" : [{"Code" : [{"Name": "EC", "Keybind": "VK_NUMPAD1"}] }]

What I have tried.

nlohmann::json jsonData = nlohmann::json::parse(i_Read);

std::cout << jsonData << std::endl;

for (auto& array : jsonData["Input"]) {
    std::cout << array["Code"] << std::endl;

^ This works but it prints out

[{"Name": "EC", "Keybind": "VK_NUMPAD1"}]

How can I get this it print out just the name?

Issue resolved

for (auto& array : jsonData["Input"]) {
    std::cout << array["Code"][0]["Name"] << std::endl;

^ This worked for me!