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Need help on comparing values between 2 columns based on common column

I have 6 columns as listed below where first 3 are coming from one source and rest 3 are from different. I want to compare values that are missing or additional in column B and E by comparing against common columns A,D between 2 different sources. Can you please help me with formula to find matching result, thanks in advance.

A B C D E F PKG1 Code1 $10 PKG1 Code1 $10 PKG1 Code2 $20 PKG1 Code2 $20 PKG1 Code3 $30 PKG2 Code1 $40 PKG2 Code1 $40 PKG2 Code2 $50 PKG2 Code2 $50 PKG2 Code3 $60 PKG2 Code3 $60

Adding picture excel incase if above format is confusing:

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