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Can't scrape empty <td> with python/selenium[SOLVED]

I'm trying to get values from a with Python Selenium, I need to have them ordered, and knowing wich one has the value "PICK" and which doesn't. To clarify, I need to know the position of the word "PICK" in the tr. The problem is that my code isn't detecting the position, it always places on the second place, even if the word is located in the first position ( pick=test.find_element_by_xpath('//table/tbody/tr[3]/td[1]').text ). The output is always this one: ['', 'PICK']. Can you gimme a hand with this? I need to have it ordered since I'm scrapping a table and the results may vary depending on the PICK word, if its first td position or second ....

empty td code picture example

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Ty a lot.