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Python Pptx not capturing Slide Master Name properly

Playing around with Python PPTX and it seems that it is not reading in the slide master name properly.

You can see here I rename the slide master

enter image description here

and it even shows up when trying to add a slide

enter image description here

However when I load the presentation through pptx the name is ''.

In [14]: import pptx
In [15]: pres = pptx.Presentation("adsf.pptx")
In [16]: pres.slide_master.name
Out[17]: ''

Maybe I am doing something wrong from the powerpoint side. I'd love to know. I am using Office 2016. As a side note, I was digging around the xml and it appears the slidemaster xml isn't holding any attributes related to the name attributes in the ooxml. However the theme xml does. Color me confused.

Thanks for your time and efforts


enter image description here

enter image description here

After all this I have found my solution and would like to thank @Scanny

import pptx
import re
from lxml import etree

# This causes pres.slide_master.layout.placeholder.name to be passed to pres.slide.placeholder
def placeholder_name(self):
    """Name of the placeholder inherited from slide master"""
    return self._inherited_value("name")

def Presentation(powerpoint=None):
    Return a |Presentation| object loaded from *pptx*, where *pptx* can be
    either a path to a ``.pptx`` file (a string) or a file-like object. If
    *pptx* is missing or ``None``, the built-in default presentation
    "template" is loaded.
    if powerpoint is None:
        powerpoint = pptx.api._default_pptx_path()

    # get the package and not just the presentation package
    package = pptx.package.Package.open(powerpoint)

    # now extract the document
    presentation_part = package.main_document_part

    if not pptx.api._is_pptx_package(presentation_part):
        tmpl = "file '%s' is not a PowerPoint file, content type is '%s'"
        raise ValueError(tmpl % (powerpoint, presentation_part.content_type))

    # the theme names are the slide master names
    themes = (part for part in package.parts if re.search("^/ppt/theme/theme\d+\.xml$",part.partname))
    theme_names = [etree.fromstring(theme.blob).get("name") for theme in themes]

    # now get the presentation
    presentation = presentation_part.presentation

    # change the slide master names
    for idx,sld_mstr in enumerate(presentation.slide_masters):
        sld_mstr.name = theme_names[idx]

    return presentation

pptx.Presentation = Presentation
pptx.shapes.placeholder._InheritsDimensions.placeholder_name = placeholder_name
In [2]: pres = pptx.Presentation("adsf.pptx")
In [3]: for sm in pres.slide_masters: print(sm.name)
my master
number 3
my second
In [4]: layout = pres.slide_masters[0].slide_layouts[0]
In [5]: layout.name
Out[5]: 'my master title slide layout'
In [6]: new_slide = pres.slides.add_slide(layout)
In [7]: new_slide.placeholders[0].name
Out[7]: 'Title 1'
In [8]: new_slide.placeholders[0].placeholder_name
Out[8]: 'Main Title'
In [9]: pres.save("test.pptx")                             
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