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addEventListener problem during Iteration of an array[solved]

i'm building a project for my boot camp, and i'm stuck in a small quite annoying area. i have an api where i can make queries to amazon and display products, each product has its own "card" styling and along with it i push each product to an empty array inside the user class constructor if the user select that he wants to add that product to his "profile", within the user class i have a function called "displayProducts" which basically iterating over that products array, creating a div element, modifying the innerHTML of the element on each iteration and displaying it on the page. this is the function:

        const productSection = document.getElementById('userProducts')
        productSection.innerHTML = ``;
        let div = document.createElement('div')
        if (user.products.length > 0) {
            user.products.forEach((product) => {
                div.innerHTML += `
        <div class="card horizontal">
            <div class="card-image">
                <img src=${product.img}>

            <div class="card-stacked">
                <div class = "card-content">
                <span class = "card-title"> ${product.title} </span> 
                <p> ${product.rating} rating, ${product.totalReviews} reviews </p>
                <span> Price:${product.price}</span>

            <div class="card-action">
                <button class="btn delete-${product.asin}">delete</button> 

                deleteButton = div.querySelector(`.delete-${product.asin}`).addEventListener('click', user.delete.bind(product))

The problem is, while adding the event listener to each button - it's af it's only applying the event listener to the last product, even though on each stage it select the correct button, i have been at it for over two hours and i'm quite lost. How do i persist an event listener to each product card?

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