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Solved, the initial value has to be in range of the length of the data.; deleted 408 characters in body; edited title

How to change the initial value Chart.js-RangeSlider? [Solved]

The Chart.js-RangeSlider doesnt starts at the initial value given (1901, 1910) and shows the chart:

What i'm searching is changin the initial value, and get the image below:


rsLluviaHistorica = new RangeSliderChart({
  chartData: iniDataLluviaHistorica,
  chartOpts: optionsLluviaHistorica,
  chartType: 'line',
  chartCTX: iniLluviaHistorica,
  //class: 'my-chart-ranger',
  initial: [1901, 1910]        

//this doesnt work
rsLluviaHistorica.options.initial = [1901, 1910]

The code: https://jsfiddle.net/sckull/hy0p75cq/14/