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Creating a frequency histogram using ggplot2

Hi I am relatively new to R. I am struggling with what seems like it should be a relatively simple task- I am trying to make a frequency histogram using ggplot2 from a subset of data from a longer dataframe. Here is an example of the data structure us in the picture attached https://i.stack.imgur.com/HIwQv.png

The data is from a survey where 0 means not selected and 1 means it was selected. There are numeric in the original dataset I want a histogram of the frequency in which each variable was selected. The column variables on the x-axis and frequency counts on the y-axis. I have various subsets like this within a dataframe and I would like each to subset to how their own graph.

I first subset the columns of interest new dataset <-subset(df, select = c(WAB_R, WAB_B, BDAE, PNT)) When I checked the class it was dataframe and no longer numeric

I tried to use as.numeric to convert it back to a numeric, but with no luck I could use some guidance in how to structure the data to then obtain a histogram.

Thanks Carla