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Dynamic Spacing Between Col in Bootstrap

I have a row of 3 different columns which change sizes depending on the screen size. However, when I shrink the screen, I want the margin to change only for a certain number of boxes. For example, this is what it looks like when there is no margin on the left or right.

XL Screen

No margin

This is what it looks like when I scale down the screen size with no margin.

L Screen Scaled down no margin

However, when I change the margin to "mr-4", the boxes do not scale down the same way. Here is how it looks with margin on the first and second boxes.

XL Screen Scaled down no margin L Screen enter image description here

This is the html I'm working with

I want to be able to mantain the margin between boxes when the screen size is minimized. I thought about creating a class and then using media queries to change the margin depending on screen size, but I need every box to have margin at some point.

For example, in the XL screen size, I do not want right margin on the box on the right because I want it to be flush with the end of the column.