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Relate different MySQL tables based on “Line order” column

Basically i have different mysql tables and i want to bring a relation based on the "LineNumber" column that those tables have. This is like a relation one-to-many, where the "LineNumber" value of the "father" table determines his many "sons". These tables are created from a txt document that have a hierarchy determined by the lines.

This is an simple example of 2 tables that i have (REGA100 and REGA101), where REGA100 is the "father" and REGA101 is the "son":

"Father" - REGA100:

Id Reg LineNumber
1 A100 2692
2 A100 2695
3 A100 2697
4 A100 2699

"Son" - REGA101:

Id Reg LineNumber
1 A101 2693
2 A101 2694
3 A101 2696
4 A101 2698

Notice that, the first row of the father table (REGA100) is the value 2692 and the next row is 2695, so for the rows with values between those values in the son table (REGA101) which are 2693 and 2694, i need to put the father row value next to them.

So, basically the idea is to output a query like this (REGA101 with the "father" of each row represented in the REGA100 rows): OUTPUT QUERY:

Id Reg LineNumber Id Reg LineNumber
1 A101 2693 1 A100 2692
2 A101 2694 1 A100 2692
3 A101 2696 2 A100 2695
4 A101 2698 3 A100 2697

I tried to explain the better i could but my english is not so good, so Im sorry for any difficulties and i can fix or explain better certain parts of my text. I also have a python script that can handle pretty well this situation using dataframes, but I need to do this in a query if possible. (If the script is needed i can edit and post it).

Edit: This is an example of query that i have tried, it brings the results as i expect the output to be, but when i have big tables to try, the number of rows in the resultant query doesnt match what i need (the result query must have the same amount of rows of the "son" table). Anyway, this is what i have tried:


(The declaration_id is just an column that refers to the document where the information was read, so its irrelevant to the query).

Im trying to figure out what is the problem with this query and i think is related to the inner join to the same table, but i dont know what else to do..