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Python is a multi-paradigm, dynamically typed, multipurpose programming language, designed to be quick (to learn, to use, and to understand), and to enforce a clean and uniform syntax. Two similar but incompatible versions of Python are commonly in use, Python 2.7 and 3.x. For version-specific Python questions, add the [python-2.7] or [python-3.x] tag. When using a Python variant or library (e.g. Jython, PyPy, Pandas, Numpy), please include it in the tags.

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In Python3.x things have changed a little bit: >>> import tkinter >>> import tkinter.messagebox >>> I mean what we call tkMessageBox in Python2.x becomes tkinter.messagebox in Python3.x
answered Jul 4 '16 by Billal Begueradj
the UTF-8 representation of list[2]. Note that Python picks up this UTF-8 representation from the environment it's been initiated from and which you can check by typing: >>> import sys >>> print … sys.stdout.encoding UTF-8 But if you type print list[2] you get: >>> print list[2] StatTrak™ G3SG1 | The Executioner (Minimal Wear) >>> That is because when you call print with a bystring Python
answered Feb 20 '16 by Billal Begueradj
f1: for odd_line in odd_lines: f1.write(odd_line) with open('file2.txt','w') as f2: for even_line in even_lines: f2.write(even_line) Demo: secuirty@begueradj:~/Desktop$ python
answered Mar 22 '16 by Billal Begueradj
: # Python 3 import tkinter as Tkinter import tkinter.ttk as ttk class Begueradj(Tkinter.Frame): ''' classdocs ''' def __init__(self, parent): ''' Constructor … =Tkinter.Tk() d=Begueradj(root) root.mainloop() if __name__=="__main__": main() Note: I coded this in Python 2.7, but it should work if you're using Python 3.x. …
answered Mar 21 '16 by Billal Begueradj
And if so, is this proper convention? In both situations, the design may suffer of tight coupling. The general rule of thumb is to always depend on abstractions, not on concretions. Only if you …
answered Aug 5 '18 by Billal Begueradj
You can use python-docx2txt library to read text from Microsoft Word documents. It is an improvement over python-docx library as it can, in addition, extract text from links, headers and footers. It …
answered Mar 15 '16 by Billal Begueradj
Apart from using outline ="" or outline = "white", you can specify the width of outline to be 0 because by default it is set to 1. Add width = 0 as an option when you create the oval: self._can …
answered Jun 2 '16 by Billal Begueradj
You can use entrycget() and pass to it the "label" option. Here is a short example to demonstrate how it works: import tkinter as tk def callback(menu): x= menu.entrycget(0, "label") pr …
answered Aug 15 '17 by Billal Begueradj
You can resolve your problem by designing your program as follows: Hold each Checkbutton with its associated group of other widgets inside one single widget (Frame or Label would be more appropria …
answered Jun 19 '16 by Billal Begueradj
You asked how to draw any giver random shape on a picture using your computer's mouse. Here is a simple solution: First, you will need to design a method that enables you to draw. So let's inspire o …
answered Apr 3 '16 by Billal Begueradj
You need to convert your image to a numpy array this way: import numpy import PIL img ="foo.jpg").convert("L") imgarr = numpy.array(img)
answered Jun 7 '16 by Billal Begueradj
I advise you not to do what you are looking for because you are looking to disrupt the normal behavior of which the menu is intended to fulfill. Take a look to your browser's menu behavior and you wil …
answered Apr 29 '16 by Billal Begueradj
Text class does not have select_range() function, that is why you got that error message. But you can use bind_class() to bind events to the Text class widgets. Here is a dirty demo: import tkinter a …
answered Aug 21 '17 by Billal Begueradj
previous answer: sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb However, you will need first to install the necessary dependencies: sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev libmysqlclient-dev Now you should be able to import it: >>> import MySQLdb …
answered Apr 2 '16 by Billal Begueradj
For the Tkinter.Entry() widget, the behavior you are trying to achieve is not feasible. The suitable way to modify the cursor's position is by using icursor(index) method which sets the insertion cu …
answered Nov 12 '17 by Billal Begueradj

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