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Command Prompt (executable name cmd.exe) is the Microsoft supplied command line interpreter on OS/2, Windows CE, and all Microsoft Windows operating systems. Use this tag for questions regarding programming scripts or on commands available to run from the Command Prompt. Add tags for which version of Windows, and tags describing the task or issue.

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On Windows 10, the copy and xcopy operations fail immediately, in case a file is copied that is too large for the target directory. So it is not required any more to check the available free disk spac …
answered Feb 14 by Christoph Bimminger
As in the answer of Escobar Ceaser, I suggest to use quotes arround the whole path. It's the common way to wrap the whole path in "", not only separate directory names within the path. I had a simila …
answered Apr 15 '17 by Christoph Bimminger
You can run start cmd /k "cd c:\ && echo %cd%" but in this case %cd% is evaluated when your "start" command is executed. So it is echoed inside the callee CMD, but the value is still the one from … caller CMD. If you want to print the current directory inside the callee CMD, and don't want to use the environment variable that was set in the caller environment, just use the CD command instead …
answered Feb 14 by Christoph Bimminger