The .netrc file contains data for logging in to a remote host over the network for file transfers by `ftp`


Specifies automatic login information for the ftp and rexec commands.


The $HOME/.netrc file contains information used by the automatic login feature of the rexec and ftp commands. It is a hidden file in a user's home directory and must be owned either by the user executing the command or by the root user. If the .netrc file contains a login password, the file's permissions must be set to 600 (read and write by owner only). This file is part of TCP/IP in Network Support Facilities.

The .netrc file is not used by any programs when the securetcpip command is running on your system. The .netrc can contain the following entries (separated by spaces, tabs, or new lines):

machine HostName     The HostName variable is the name of a remote host.
                     This entry begins the definition of the automatic login process 
                     for the specified host. All following entries up to the next 
                     machine entry or the end of the file apply to that host.

default              The default variable is the same as machine except that default 
                     matches any name. There can be only one default entry. It must be 
                     the last entry (after all machine entries); otherwise, entries 
                     that follow it will be ignored. This is normally used as:
                                     "default login anonymous password user@site"
                     thereby giving the user automatic anonymous ftp login to machines 
                     not specified in the .netrc file. This can be overridden by using 
                     the -n flag to disable the auto-login.

login UserName       The UserName variable is the full domain user name for use at the
                     remote host. If this entry is found, the automatic login process
                     initiates a login, using the specified name. If this entry is 
                     missing, the automatic login process is unsuccessful.

password Password    The Password variable is the login password to be used.
                     The automatic login process supplies this password to the remote 
                     server. A login password must be established at the remote host, 
                     and that password must be entered in the .netrc file. Otherwise 
                     the automatic login process is unsuccessful, and the user is 
                     prompted for the login password.

account Password     The Password variable is the account password to be used.
                     If this entry is found and an account password is required at the 
                     remote host, the automatic login process supplies the password to 
                     the remote server. If the remote host requires an account
                     password but this entry is missing, the automatic login process 
                     prompts for the account password.

macdef MacroName     The MacroName variable is the name of an ftp subcommand macro.
                     The macro is defined to contain all of the following ftp 
                     subcommands up to the next blank line or the end of the file. If 
                     the macro is named init, the ftp command executes the macro upon 
                     successful completion of the automatic login process. The rexec 
                     command does not recognize a macdef entry.