ABAP is the programming language of SAP softwares R/3, S/4HANA, CRM and many others.

ABAP is a SAP proprietary language that is used to write both the fundamental SAP R/3 system itself and the standardized business applications that run on top of this system and more recent systems like CRM and S/4HANA. It can be used for customer extensions of the system or entirely new software applications as well. The online language reference is available at no cost from the SAP Help Portal. Another great community - almost as rewarding as StackOverflow - is the SAP Community Network.

ABAP programs can be developed in ABAP Development Tools (ADT), a set of plugins for Eclipse, or using the tools in the ABAP Workbench on SAP GUI. ABAP programs use Open SQL statements to query the underlying Database Management System (DBMS). ABAP can be used to write executable programs, such as reports, and non-executable programs, such as function modules and classes. The ABAP Objects feature allows for object oriented programming in ABAP.

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