Access-VBA (Visual Basic for Applications for Microsoft Access) is an event-driven and object-oriented programming language for a variety of tasks, such as user-defined functions and dynamic forms in Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as its programming language for advanced features. It is used to run heavily customized queries, make forms dynamic and run user defined functions (UDFs).

VBA in Access may also be used to programmatically manipulate other Office programs such as Excel, Word or Outlook. This is usually referred to as "automation".

Aside from the Access front-end object model (forms/reports etc.), VBA also supports two data access object models - Microsoft Data Access Objects (DAO), and Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). With the introduction of ADO, Microsoft deprecated use of DAO, but later reversed this stance and repackaged DAO as Microsoft Access Engine (ACE).

This tag is for Access-specific questions regarding VBA usage in Access. For example, if you are setting record source properties using VBA and need help finishing or debugging a particular value.


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