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Active Record is a pattern that combines domain logic with storage abstraction in single object. Use this tag for questions about the pattern, [rails-activerecord] for questions about the Rails ORM framework.

Active Record

The active record pattern, which was named by Martin Fowler in 2003, is an architectural pattern that describes how objects relate to database records or entries in other forms of storage. The interface to such an object would include functions such as Insert, Update, and Delete, plus properties that correspond more or less directly to the attributes in the underlying stored entity.

Ruby library ambiguity

The Ruby library ActiveRecord, created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004 as part of the Ruby on Rails framework, is an implementation of the pattern with the same name. However, it is important that the pattern and the Ruby library should not be considered synonyms. For the Ruby-specific Stack Overflow tag, check rails-activerecord.


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