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Native C/C++ library with .NET and Java interfaces for automating PDF workflows. Developed by Adobe and made available to third-party developers by Datalogics. This is the library driving Adobe Acrobat and other Adobe tools.

Adobe PDF Library is a native C/C++ library with .NET and Java interfaces that provides APIs for automating PDF workflows. The Adobe PDF Library provides rendering, color manipulation and conversion capabilities that match Adobe Acrobat's. Other major workflows include silent printing, document manipulation, document merging, PDF optimization and conversion to PDF standards such as PDF/A, PDF/X. Low level API control is also available when needed. The Adobe PDF Library is available on 14 platforms - Windows 32/64 bit, Mac 32/64 bit, Solaris SPARC 32/64 bit, Solaris Intel 32/64 bit, AIX 32/64 bit and HP/UX Itanium 32/64 bit.


Adobe PDF Library documentation