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Apache Atlas is a data governance and metadata framework for Hadoop. Use for questions about setting up Atlas, the REST APIs, bridges, or problems encountered using Atlas.

Data Governance and Metadata framework for Hadoop


  • Data Classification

Import or define taxonomy business-oriented annotations for data Define, annotate, and automate capture of relationships between data sets and underlying elements including source, target, and derivation processes Export metadata to third-party systems

  • Centralized Auditing

Capture security access information for every application, process, and interaction with data Capture the operational information for execution, steps, and activities

  • Search & Lineage (Browse)

Pre-defined navigation paths to explore the data classification and audit information Text-based search features locates relevant data and audit event across Data Lake quickly and accurately Browse visualization of data set lineage allowing users to drill-down into operational, security, and provenance related information

  • Security & Policy Engine

Rationalize compliance policy at runtime based on data classification schemes, attributes and roles. Advanced definition of policies for preventing data derivation based on classification (i.e. re-identification) – Prohibitions Column and Row level masking based on cell values and attibutes.