Use this tag for programming or development questions related to the Appcelerator Platform for developing Native Mobile Apps and APIs using JavaScript. Please use Appcelerator-specific tags such as [appcelerator-titanium], not [titanium].

Appcelerator is a company based in San Jose, CA and the name of their platform for building Native Mobile Apps using JavaScript (Titanium and Alloy), an MBaaS to connect them to (Arrow) and services to manage their full lifecycle. Titanium and Alloy are Open Source.

Product Tags

Asking a Good Question

Follow the Stack Overflow guides on asking a good question. For users to be able to help you with errors, the first step is to be able to reproduce them. For that, they need:

  • Sample code, as specific as you can make it.
  • Exact steps to reproduce.
  • Expected and actual result.
  • Environment: Development OS, Appcelerator Platform (appc config, appc info), Mobile OS, Device etc.
  • Project config: tiapp.xml, appc.json, package.json, appc config etc.
  • (Crash) logs.

Other Resources

All official and community resources to get help can be found on the Get Help section of the Appcelerator Developer Portal.