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arc42 is a template for documenting software architectures. It not only consists of a document structure, but also comes with lots of helpful descriptions on how to document the right aspects of your architecture.

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Should I document the current context and scope too

I am currently writing an arc42 specification document for an application that is supposed to replace several convoluted manual processes. In the documentation as well as the examples I noticed, that ...
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arc42 template: Target architecture vs status quo

A colleague and I were wondering the following today: the documentation that one maintains based on this template is a living thing, and thus all the sections will be corrected and extended as the ...
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How to handle requirements in arc42

The first three chapters in arc42 are related to software requirements: Introduction and Goals Constraints Context Most projects start with a detailed specification (hopefully) already containing ...
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Where to document database schema in arc42?

I want to document a software project using the arc42 template. Where can I document the database schema? Is it a building block, so it has to be part of chapter 5 (Building Block View)?
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