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Architecture encompasses the process, artifacts and high-level structure of a solution.

Architecture on

The Architecture tag on StackOverflow tends to cover a broad range of topics related to architecture, but mostly focuses on issues related to software.

More broadly...

As a Process

Architecture looks to gather information and make informed decisions regarding the nature of the solution. This specifically includes:

  • Interaction with various stakeholders.
  • Establishing the relative importance of various System Quality Attributes which will drive the architecture.
  • Evaluating different options against requirements (which can be both project specific and enterprise wide).

As a Role

Architecture covers the entire domain of software / information systems, and is composed of many specific roles that deal with the diverse complexity of that domain.

  • Enterprise Architects who deal with the top most strategic level of (often business orientated) architecture.
  • Solution Architects who tend to work on project specific work, and whom cover a very broad range of technology.
  • Software Architects who tend to work very much as Solution Architects but with a specific focus on Software.

These roles tend cover a broad spectrum of disciplines, and are supported by the follow roles which tend to have a much more specific focus and whom can cover both project specific work and enterprise wide concerns (such as tool selection):

  • Infrastructure and Network Architects who deal with those respective areas (see
  • Data Architects who deal with all aspects relating to data including management, quality and re-use. Data Architects also deal with Business Intelligence.
  • Security Architects who focus on all aspects of security.

This list isn't exhaustive, other common architecture roles include Application Architect and Technical Architect.