A button that will take the user back to the previous state that they were on.

A back button, often depicted with leftward facing arrow icon, is a basic control that allows the user to return to a previous application state.

In web browsers, a historical record of each time a user navigates to a new page is kept. Clicking the browser's back button will return the user to the previous page in the history.

For example, if a user navigates first to google.com (1) then to facebook.com (2) then to youtube.com (3), their browsing history will include all the pages they visited at each site in the order they were viewed (1, 2, 3).

While on youtube.com (3), if the user clicks the back button, they will then be taken to facebook.com (2). If they click the back button again, they will be taken to google.com (1).

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