Open-source Python graph-database library that supports any TinkerPop/Blueprints graph DB via the Rexster graph server (almost all graph DBs). Has a native client for Neo4j Server and Titan. Supports the Gremlin and Cypher graph query languages. Easily extendable to support any server backend or query language.

Bulbs is an open-source Python library for graph databases. It supports any graph database that implements Blueprints (i.e. almost all graph databases plus some NoSQL datastores that aren't graph databases -- see the Blueprints page for a list).

Bulbs supports the Gremlin query language and Neo4j's Cypher query language, and it has built-in support for three graph-database servers: Rexster, Neo4j Server, and Titan.

You can easily extend Bulbs to support any backend server or any query language by simply implementing the client adapter.

James Thornton is the lead developer. You may know him as espeed on SO, HN, Twitter, etc.

James is a TinkerPop member and is managing and co-authoring the the writing of the TinkerPop Book, which will be a comprehensive guide showing you how to build powerful graph-based applications using the TinkerPop stack and its related open-source graph technologies.

See the TinkerPop Book website's Resources section for an updated collection of videos, books, blogs, and papers on graph programming.

Here are the key pages you need to get started with Bulbs:

See these Stack Overflow answers for additional detailed examples/explanations on how Bulbs is designed and how to create custom models:

NB: Some people refer to the library as Bulbflow, but this is imprecise. Bulbflow is the site, while Bulbs is the library.