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Can you find a real example of "time travel" caused by undefined behaviour?

Here we go: __attribute__((noinline)) void foo(int* data) { bool bsilly = false; if (data) bsilly=true; if (bsilly) { std::cerr << "This should not print\n"; } else { *...
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Why destructor needs to be accessible even when it is not called?

The compilers are not behaving correctly (assuming C++17 or later). In your code the destructor of X is not explicitly invoked, it is not implicitly invoked according to [class.dtor]/14 sentence 1 or ...
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In C++ std::ranges, how do I build a map out of a views::join result?

libstdc++ currently does not implement the range version of map's constructor, namely map(std::from_range_t, R&&), and since the joined range you construct is not a common_range, ranges::to ...
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C++ lib build Windows VS2022: Build fails with platform toolset v143 - works with platform toolset v142

std::binary_function was removed in C++17. The latest version of the library you are building seems to have fixed this problem. So you could upgrade to the latest version (that would be my ...
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Inline struct initialization, "nonstatic member must be relative to a static object"

You can make it like const int width = 1280, height = 720; struct MandelbrotBase { int width = ::width, height = ::height; struct { int x; int y; } pos = {.x = width / 2, .y = height / ...
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Can pthread_exit be used with noexcept functions?

You wrote: 'malloc' may return nullptr, and instead of handling it every time I want to allocate memory, I simply want to kill the thread. ... by which you apparently mean that you want the thread ...
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1 vote

Rendering clipboard repeatedly

Firstly, you should NOT be calling EmptyClipboard() when rendering the text. Another app that wants the text has already opened the clipboard, so you need to merely put the text on the clipboard, do ...
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1 vote

Two almost similar multithreaded code have very different running time

In the first case, you have two variables placed close to each other in the memory. Then, if one thread wants to update, for example, evenSum, it asks from memory cache line with this variable in ...
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Evaluation order of new expression?

Starting from C++17, the answer is "yes". []/19 reads The invocation of the allocation function is sequenced before the evaluations of expressions in the new-initializer. ...
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How to Apply CSS to GTK Application Elements Using CSS Selectors

This is a common misconception, GTK "ID" does not correspond to CSS "ID". To use CSS element reference by ID, you need to add a "name" property to the GTK widget. This &...
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ReadDirectoryChangesW: no immediate FILE_ACTION_MODIFIED on writes, waits for file handle being closed or opened on the file

As @RaymondChen said in comment, ReadDirectoryChangesW reads changes to the directory. But writes do not update the directory until the handle is closed. (If you type "dir", you can see ...
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ComboBox - add user value to dropdown list

The problem with the Win32 Combo-Box is that it doesn't automatically add the edit-box contents to the list, neither it sends some notification when the Enter key is pressed. So we have to capture ...
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jsoncpp no operator matches these operands ">>"

<json/value.h> doesn't include the full implementation of JsonCpp, you need to include <json/json.h> instead. operator >> is defined in the json/reader.h header
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Consistency of vertex_descriptor in dijkstra_shortest_paths()

You mistyped vertex_descriptor as vertex_iterator. That's basically all there was to it. Regardless, there's room for simplifications, mostly by removal of unused things: Live On Coliru #include <...
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Any way to name tuple items?

You can just use C-style comments auto tp = std::tuple<int /*age*/, bool /*name_exists*/>();
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