Use this tag for code that must compile as C++11 (not using any features introduced in C++14 or later).

C++11 is the name of a version of the C++ standard approved in the year 2011. It replaced the previous standard, C++03, adding various core language changes and fixes, and an improved and expanded standard library. C++11 had earlier been referred to as C++0x, because it was originally expected to be published before 2010.

The ISO standard, 14882:2011, is withdrawn from the ISO website. The final draft was approved by the C++ working group on the 25th of March 2011. The publicly-available draft closest to C++11 is N3337, which has only editorial differences from the full standard.

Later versions of the language standard were approved and published in 2014 and 2017 (C++14 and C++17 respectively), and questions related to them bear the tags and here on StackOverflow. Each of these supersedes the previous, just as C++11 superseded C++03.

Please tag questions about C++11 with the tag, along with the tag.


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