This tag is for questions regarding the international standard ISO 9899:1990, also known as "C89", "C90" or "ANSI C", with amendments and technical corrigenda (as opposed to K&R C, C99, C11 or later C standard revisions).

The first C standard was released 1989 nationally in USA, by their national standard institute ANSI. This release is called C89 or ANSI-C. One year later, the American standard was accepted internationally and published by ISO (ISO 9899:1990). This release is called C90. Technically, it is the same standard as C89/ANSI-C, though formally, C90 replaced C89/ANSI-C, making them obsolete.

Always use the tag for all your C questions, then complement it with the tag for questions that are specific to this version of the standard.