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CLion is a cross-platform IDE for C and C++ development.

CLion is a cross-platform C/C++ IDE from JetBrains (you can run it on Linux, Windows and macOS). It natively supports old and new C/C++ language standards, Boost and libc++ libraries, and works with templated code and macros. CLion helps you instantly navigate and refactor your code, with Rename refactoring, Change Signature, Inline, Extract Function / Variable / Constant / Parameter, and others. Code analysis (including Data Flow Analysis and Clang-Tidy) is running while you are typing to ensure code quality.

CLion uses CMake as a project model and handles your changes in CMake files automatically, using all the information from there during code editing and refactorings.

Apart from CMake, CLion supports compilation database and Gradle projects. Currently, you cannot create a new project of these types within CLion, but you can open and manage an existing one with full code insight available.

CLion will enrich your development with an integrated debugger (GDB and LLDB), Doxygen support, various unit testing frameworks, Version Control Systems, and dozens of plugins from the repository to extend its functionality.

Besides C and C++, CLion comes with Python, HTML, JavaScript, Swift Kotlin/Native and some other languages support included.

CLion’s functionality can be extended via IntelliJ Platform API.

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