Codename One is an open source Write Once Run Anywhere Mobile Development Platform that allows Java developers to build native (iOS/Android/Windows Phone etc.) applications

Codename One is a Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) tool for application development that uses the Java language and a subset of its API to build native iOS (iPhone), Android, Windows (UWP) etc. applications.

It's an open source tool that integrates with all major IDE's.

To remove the need for a Mac/Windows machine (when building for iOS/Windows) Codename One uses the cloud to build native apps. It hosts Mac/Linux/Windows machines in the cloud and when a device deployment is needed the binary JAR file is sent to the cloud where it's translated to native code (C/Objective-C, C# etc.), compiled, signed and delivered directly to the device. You can learn more about this process and how it works via this question.

Codename One also provides the ability to build for devices without the cloud servers (offline build).

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