Copyleaks is a RESTful service for plagiarism checking. The Copyleaks solution leverages AI & Machine Learning to boost your plagiarism detection abilities. ONLY PROGRAMMING RELATED QUESTIONS ARE ON-TOPIC. Questions which are not specifically programming related are OFF-TOPIC for Stack Overflow.


Copyleaks uses artificial intelligence technology to provide the leading plagiarism detection solution for both educational organizations and businesses. Copyleaks is able to detect similar text in multiple layers including identical, similar, and paraphrased text passages.

A comprehensive report of results from around the internet and internal databases will be generated for each unique plagiarism scan. Copyleaks is highly customizable and can be integrated as an additional layer to your platform to search and analyze plagiarized text.

What questions should have this tag?

ONLY programming related questions are on-topic.

Any question related to the Copyleaks API. Except if your question is about an internal error that you received from the Copyleaks servers, you have to contact Copyleaks support directly. Make sure to mention the ticket number.

What information do you have to include?

  • A short explanation of which goals you are trying to achieve.
  • Information about the REST request call that you are trying to execute. This information should include the HTTP method, endpoints, headers and body (if exists). Don't forget to remove secret information before publishing.
  • If you received an unexpected response from the Copyleaks service, describe the response and include code (status code and body if exists).
  • If your question is about a code implementation using specific programming language, try to extract the actual REST call that was produced by your code. This will help us to solve the problem.

⚠️Information not to include

  • Sensitive information. Including API keys and server names.
  • Personal information. Including the company name or developer name.

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