Use for Couchbase Server or Couchbase Capella only (NOT CouchDB or Couchbase Lite). Couchbase Server is a distributed database engineered for performance, scalability, availability and flexible query. It enables developers to build applications easier and faster with both the power of SQL and the flexibility of JSON.

Capella is Couchbase's DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service). It is fully managed, hosted, patched, and upgraded by Couchbase.

Developed as an alternative to traditionally inflexible SQL databases, the Couchbase NoSQL database is designed to help developers solve real-world problems and meet high scalability demands along with unparalleled performance.

Developer features

  • Enhance application development agility by capitalizing on a declarative query language, full-text search, adaptive indexing, and seamless data mobility full-text search, adaptive indexing, and seamless data mobility
  • Achieve fast, efficient bi-directional synchronization of data from the edge to the cloud and between clusters
  • Build seamless data sharing across users and devices – online and offline
  • Consistent programming model for building web and mobile apps

Couchbase is designed to help enterprise applications perform well (up to 10-20x faster than competition) while also scaling to match data volumes. The use of in-memory datasets allows you to process and optimize queries and indexing processes. Coupled with the features of Couchbase Mobile, applications can continue to operate even in offline mode.

Management Tools

  • Streamline configuration and setup, take advantage of multi-cloud agility
  • Built-in enterprise-grade security for the full stack
  • Easily enable cross datacenter replication between clusters through a convenient UI

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