A custom action is custom code provided by a developer to be called during a Windows Installer setup. Windows Installer tools (such as WiX, Visual Studio Setup Projects, InstallShield, Wise, Advanced Installer and so on) provide support for incorporating custom actions into your Windows Installer setup.

A custom action is most often custom code called from a Windows Installer setup (an MSI file). Most tools (such as WiX, Advanced Installer, InstallShield, Visual Studio setup projects) provide support for calling custom actions. There are several types of custom action in Windows Installer setups:

  1. Setting a Property (although called a custom action this type 51 one doesn't run user-provided code).
  2. Setting the location of a Directory.
  3. Running embedded VBScript or JScript code.
  4. Calling an external VBScript or JScript file.
  5. Calling a method from a C++ DLL.
  6. Running an executable.
  7. Sending an error that stops the install (a type 19 custom action that doesn't run any user-provided code).
  8. Managed code custom actions called with Visual Studio's installer class mechanism.
  9. Managed code custom actions called via the DTF mechanism, in most cases from WiX-generated setups.
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