Dist::Zilla is a Module development and release toolkit for the Perl Programming Language, which utilizes plugins to make mundane tasks easy to automate.

Dist::Zilla is a Module development and release tool-kit for the Perl Programming Language.

Dist::Zilla has a large collection of Plugins, which can be used to achieve various tasks common for module authors.

  1. Generate common tests, eg:
    1. End-of-line/whitespace checks.
    2. perl-critic tests.
    3. documentation coverage tests.
  2. Create the initial project in a customized way.
  3. Augment files in varying ways, eg:
    1. Inject $VERSION= code.
    2. Inject Boiler-plate POD documentation parts automatically ( ie: NAME, VERSION )
    3. Reformat documentation and rearrange it in user-specified ways.
  4. Automate Integration with SCM's like Git to perform various tasks, eg:
    1. Automate version incrementing by scanning git tags.
    2. Automate tagging on release.
    3. Automate maintenance of a "build" branch.
  5. Upload your distribution to CPAN for you as part of dzil release
  6. Tweet about releases.

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