THIS TAG IS FOR DOCUMENT GENERATORS ONLY. Include language and/or SDE tag as well. DO NOT USE to ask for links to documentation or tools, or to critique vendor documentation.

Use the tag for questions related to self-documenting code and documentation generators.

Basic definitions

  • Software documentation is written text or illustration that accompanies computer software or is embedded in the source code. It either explains how it operates or how to use it, and may mean different things to people in different roles.Wikipedia

  • A documentation generator is a programming tool that generates software documentation intended for programmers or end users, or both, from a set of specially commented source code files, and in some cases, binary files.Wikipedia

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Questions about how documentation fits within the software development process are off-topic on StackOverflow, but are on-topic on Software Engineering.

Writing Stack Exchange has tags for Technical Writing, API Documentation and Software Tools, with a focus on the craft of professional writing.

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Off-Topic Questions

Remember that the following types of questions are off-topic, and subject to being closed and deleted:

  • Where is the documentation for... ?
  • What is the best way to document... ?
  • Is there a tool to help document... ?
  • Is this documentation correct?