Docusaurus is a modern static site generator focused on documentation. It helps you to focus on your content and build optimized websites quickly.

Docusaurus is a performant static site generator by Facebook and can be used to create common content-driven websites (e.g. Documentation, Blogs, Product Landing and Marketing Pages, etc) extremely quickly. Its features:

  • Write using Markdown - Save time and focus on your project's documentation. Simply write docs and blog posts with Markdown and Docusaurus will publish a set of static html files ready to serve.
  • Built using React - Extend or customize your project's layout by reusing React. Docusaurus can be extended while reusing the same header and footer.
  • Translations - Localization comes pre-configured. Use Crowdin to translate your docs into over 70 languages.
  • Versioning - Support users on all versions of your project. Document versioning helps you keep documentation in sync with project releases.
  • Search - Make it easy for your community to find what they need in your documentation. We proudly support Algolia documentation search.

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