A drone mapping software platform with a multi-platform app (Web, iOS, Android), a market for third-party apps, and a public REST API. This tag should be used for programming questions related to DroneDeploy APIs or developing third party apps.

DroneDeploy is a software platform for drone mapping that provides automated drone piloting, map creation, and data analysis. The public-facing DroneDeploy application is a cross-platform app that is on the web, iOS, and Android.

Third-party developers can create apps on the DroneDeploy App Market or leverage the data API.

App Market

The DroneDeploy App Market allows developers to write apps that can be installed by users as additional functionality inside the DroneDeploy web/native app. Once installed, these are rendered inside an iFrame and have access to some of the same data as the application itself. Documentation for this API can be found here.

Data API

The data API allows access to data on a per-user basis for plans and exports..

Questions that should have this tag

This tag should only be used for questions about developing using DroneDeploy APIs. In accordance with StackOverflow guidelines, questions about DroneDeploy products are not appropriate. This includes questions about how to use DroneDeploy, how to fly drones, how to make maps, compatibility, support questions, etc. These questions may be answered in the company's platform documentation or should be directed to DroneDeploy customer support.