The 2015 version of the ECMAScript specification, now a standard (ECMAScript 2015). Only use this tag where the question specifically relates to new features or technical changes provided in ECMAScript 2015.

ECMAScript 2015 (also known as ECMAScript 6) is the 2015 specification for the language (now superseded by the 2016 specification, which had very little in it). ES2015 adds significant updates to the language and its implementation in major JavaScript engines is in progress but quite good in the recent releases of ones that release often.

The tag or its alias should be used when your question covers one of the ES2015/ES6 features.

Related, transpiler specific tags are: ,


  • Arrow functions
  • Classes
  • Enhanced Object Literals
  • Template Strings
  • Destructuring
  • Default + Rest + Spread
  • let + const
  • Iterators + for..of
  • Generators
  • Unicode
  • Modules
  • Module Loaders
  • Map + Set + Weakmap + Weakset
  • Proxies
  • Symbols
  • Subclassable Built-ins
  • Promises
  • Math + Number + String + Array + Object APIs
  • Binary and Octal Literals
  • Reflect API
  • Tail Calls
  • Optional type annotations and static typing, probably using a structural type system

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