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For questions about emulation and emulators, where a computer program is emulating (imitating) the behavior of another program or hardware device.

An emulator is a system which is designed to perform the duties of a different system. An emulator is distinct from a simulator (an emulator is intended to replicate the external behaviour of a system, whereas a simulator replicates the internal behaviour). See:

Emulators are commonly used to allow programs written for one system to be run on a different system. This is desirable when developing for a wide variety of target platforms, or when maintaining old programs designed for deprecated hardware.

One type of emulator that emulates a computer is called a . These are used by companies so they can tests their apps on the emulator rather than on an actual hardware.

Examples of some emulators:

Questions in this tag should relate in some way to the implementation or usage of a computer system which is an emulator.